Product description

The Techno Smart Relay is a compact and user-friendly device for operating an electrical load/appliance set up to allow remote control by way of a voltage-free contact (ON/OFF).

NOTE: the Techno Smart Relay does not supply any power to the connected device.

The Techno Smart Relay can also be paired with a Techno Smart Thermostat functioning as a “remote relay” (wireless radio actuator) for activating boilers, pellet stoves, heat pumps or other devices that can be managed by remote control. It also functions as a TECHNO APP network wireless signal repeater.

Minimum requirements

To use the Techno Smart Relay the following items are required:

  • A previously installed IMITBOX (included in all TECHNO APP Kits)
  • A mobile device (smartphone / tablet) with Android OS or Apple iOS where the IMIT APP is already configured

Contents of the pack

  • 1x Techno Smart Relay
  • 1x Installation manual
  • 2x scre
  • 2x masonry plug

General specifications

ZigBee wireless switch functioning as repeater in a mesh network

Conformity: ETSI EN 300 328; ETSI EN 301 489-1; ETSI EN 301 489-17; EN 60730-1; EN60730-2-14 (tipo 1); EN 62479; EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3

All models comply with Directives 2014/30/UE(EMC), 2014/35/UE (LVD) e 2014/53/UE (RED). The appliance (or product) is subject to sorted collection, in compliance with local regulations on waste disposal currently in force. IMIT Control System hereby declares that this product is in compliance with essential requirements and other pertinent provisions established under Directive 2014/53/UE (RED).


App available free of charge from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

All hardware connections must be made by a person who is suitably qualified and aware of the risks associated with installation, observing minimum standards of safety, and with the equipment isolated from the power supply. The user accepts all responsibilities and risks connected with the steps of installing, configuring and using products to the end of obtaining the benefits and advantages they afford. The liability of Imit Control System in respect of its products is regulated by the Imit Control SystemGeneral Conditions of Sale.


The Techno Smart Relay must be used only indoors and in dry conditions, and not positioned in places exposed to high levels of humidity and/or water splash.


To clean a Techno Smart Relay, isolate it from the power supply and wipe with a slightly moist cloth. Do not use solvents. Do not immerse in liquids. Should the product develop a fault, do not open it up or attempt to repair it, as this will invalidate the guarantee.

Technical specifications

Power supply 90/230Vac 50/60 Hz; 1W
Maximum capacity of the contacts 13A
Type of antenna 2.4 GHz, ZigBee HA 1.2
Temperature regulation range 0 ÷ +50°C; <80% U.R. n.c.
Degree of protection IP30
Insulation class II
Pollution degree PD 2
Storage temperature -20 ÷ +70°C; <80% U.R. n.c.
Contacts raiting 230Vac
Radio specifications 2.4 GHz, ZigBee HA 1.2
Connections Screw terminals
Control Relay Contacts rated 230Vac, max current 13A
Dimensions (L x H x D) 75 x 110 x 25 mm
Overvoltage Category III

Thermostat control keys

Techno Smart Relay
  1. Indicator Leds
  2. Button

Response of indicator Leds (table 1)

Operation of button (table 2)


1. Remove power to the electrical system at the installation site

2. Fix Techno Smart Relay to the wall / mount

3. Depending on the intended application, make the connections as shown in the diagrams (Figure 1 or 2) and as instructed by the manufacturer of the device to be controlled

4. Restore power to the system

5. Verify the signal LED on the Techno Smart Relay front panel lights up in red (see tab 1), otherwise reset the device (see table 2) before switching to the next point

6. Launch the IMIT APP on your smartphone / tablet, go to the Menu, select “Add a device” to start the Techno Smart Relay binding process to your TECHNO APP network

7. Press the Techno Smart Relay front button for 2 seconds

8. Start the search for a new device within the application by clicking on the Start Procedure button.

Fig. 1: connection to digital input of an electronic appliance with separate power source
Fig. 2: voltage connection to an electrical load

Check installation

9. The Led on the Techno Smart Relay should now appear red and permanently alight (not blinking)

10. Open the IMIT APP and go to the page for management of the new device added

11. Check the operation of the device using the ON/OFF control: if the connections have been made correctly, the click of the relay will be heard and the Led will change colour

12. CAUTION: if the coverage provided by the wireless signal between the Techno Smart Relay and the IMITBOX visit or contact Customer Service.

Request information

If you have encountered problems with installation or have something to report regarding the manual, you can contact Customer Care by filling out the form below.