Product description

Silver TA/RF is a wireless room thermostat equipped with a radio receiver. The user can adjust the room thermostat with the requirement temperature and get more comfortable and economic heating. It’s ideal when the contact cables are not present in the environment in which one wants to detect the temperature. Thanks to the radio receiver already coupled to the thermostat during production, more Silver TA/RF can be used in the same environment without interferences.

  • Sensitive temperature measuring
  • Heating calibration
  • ON/OFF Control
  • Wireless Connection


Compatible Directives: Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Regulation 2014/53/EU (R&TTE/RED EN 301 489-1 V2.1.1:2017, EN 300 220-1V3.1.1:2017, EN 301 489-3 V2.1.1:2017, EN 300 220-2 V3.1.1:2017, EN 62479: 2010) Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulation 2014/30/EU (EMC EN 61000-6-3: 2007 + A1: 2011, EN 61000-6-1: 2007) Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU (LVD EN 60730-2-9:2010, EN 60730-1:2011)

Technical specifications

Power supply 3 Vdc (2 x AAA alkaline battery) - Receiver 220 Vac
Battery life 1 Year (2 x AAA)
Maximum capacity of the contacts 7A (240 Vac - Resistive load) 10A (120 Vac) 10A (120 Vac - Resisteve load)
Temperature display range -10°÷50°C
Temperature regulation range 5°÷30°C
Temperature resolution 0,5°C
Storage temperature -20°÷60°C
Temperature precision 0,1°C
Dimensions 88 mm / 136 mm / 34 mm - Receiver 90 mm / 90 mm / 25 mm

Thermostat control keys



Place your room thermostat in a room where you most use it as your
living area. For example: living room. Avoid installing the room
thermostat where there is a lot of air circulation such as door entry or
window edges. Also, do not place in places near heat units (central
heating system, fireplace, etc.) and places that receive direct
sunlight. We recommend that the room thermostat be placed at an
altitude of 50 cm to 150 cm from the floor. You can try a few places to
find the most suitable place.


Remove your room thermostat from Wall hanger. Then remove the battery housing from the back side of thermostat. Install 2 alkaline batteries to battery housing. Please be sure the directions of batteries. Hang your thermostat on the Wall hanger after assemble battery housing back. Change the both batteries together.


When the product is not used for a long time (more than 15 days), remove the batteries. Otherwise, malfunctions that will occur are out of warranty.


Please throw away dead batteries to trashes special only for batteries.


The important thing to note for receiver placement is that avoiding physical contact with boiler and protecting against materials such as liquid, dust etc. You can place your receiver in boiler’s cabinet without physical contact with boiler or mount receiver to Wall.


  • First, shut down electrical current which your boiler is connected (fuse, power outlet etc.)
  • Connect one of the boiler connection cable to receiver as shown in the Connection Scheme.
  • Connect other boiler connection cable end to boiler’s room thermostat input as shown in the boiler’s user manual.
  • Input Receiver power cable first to receiver than to plug. If there is no plug near your boiler, you can connect cable to your boiler’s connection fuse.
  • After finishing connections, turn on electrical current first, then turn on your boiler.
  • If you want to deactivate your receiver, press manual button for 2 seconds then you should see orange light on receiver. After being sure that your boiler is working, press same button and see orange light disappeared.
  • Setup Room Thermostat to sync receiver with room thermostat.



Only persons who have got Professional Competence should make operations electric wiring or boiler setup.


  • Press the button for 3 seconds when room thermostat is off. You will see the heating calibration setting menu, after you press one more time, you will see sync menu which written as “Adr”.
  • Primarily press the sync button of receiver for 2 seconds and see blinking green light of receiver. Then turn up the button to right or left way.
  • Green light on the receiver will be stably and signal sound will be heard from receiver.
  • Room Thermostat and Receiver synced


Temperature sensors which are used for room thermostats, are very sensitive. No other thermometers in your living area have that sensitivity. You can calibrate your room thermostat if you would like to get the temperature of the other thermometers in your living space.

  • Press the button for 3 seconds when the device is off
  • In order to see the desired temperature, set the temperature difference by turning the button to right or left. This value can be set between -8° and +8°.
  • Exit the menu by pressing the button.

Note: Recommended temperature calibration is “0.0°C”.

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